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Monetize your Fashion Blog Page Now

Introducing DeepView Shop the Story Widget™

Use DeepView.AI to make your fashion feed shoppable.

Our AI bots will match photos on your blog to similar products. Your users don’t have to search on other websites to buy items they see in your feed. And you earn affiliate commission on their clicks and purchases!

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Sign up to create an account at http://widget.deepview.ai. Once registered, wait for confirmation email to go to next step

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Select Images

Login in to http://widget.deepview.ai (with credentials from above).

Then upload up to 10 image files from your local machine.

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Crop images

Crop to select only the desired clothing area in each image. Example, if you want to match the top in an image, draw rectangle around top (not skirt).

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Visual search

Click Search button after all images are cropped. Our AI bots automatically identify products in these images and generate links to retailers’ inventory.

Curate recommendations

Click Select button to indicate products of your choice from the product gallery. We recommend 2-3 products per image.

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<b>SHOP THE STORY</b> </p>

<div> <iframe src=”http://deepview.ai/widgets/123.html ” > </iframe> </div>

Get code

Click Get Code to obtain the code snippet. Simply paste this code where you want the recommendations to appear. We recommend right below the blog post.

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.. And Cha-Ching

Start Monetizing Your Visual Content

Sample blog

Three ways to Wear a Trench Coat

A trench coat adds that chic look to your outfit effortlessly.It can be worn over a gown, draped over the shoulders, or worn on its own as a dress and you can get a ton of mileage out of this single item. We all have our own ways of wearing a trench coat.I have added a few styles of my choice in this blog.

Pair it with your skinny blue jeans and a high neck top to complete that look

Go for a statement trench coat.A statement coat with gingham print can upgrade any outfit

The best trench coats come in color.This mustard yellow trench coat can blend perfectly with your fall outfit.


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